The Benefits of Cannabis Indica: Relaxation and Pain Relief

Looking to relax? Indica is a form of cannabis that have a sedative effect on the user, helping them relax or fall asleep with ease. It’s also used to treat migraines, other symptoms of pain, as well as nausea and anxiety.

Patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), fibromyalgia, lupus, or insomnia benefit from using cannabis indica.

The History of Cannabis Indica

Cannabis indica was recorded as the second species on cannabis in 1785 by a man named Jean-Baptise Lamarck. He gave the cannabis its name after collecting the species in India.

This form of cannabis is smaller in height than santivas (between 2 to 4 feet tall), with wider leaves. It produces more cannabis as well, with a flowering time of six to eight weeks. It’s thick coat of resin allows it to grow in harsh climates, making it a hardy plant.

Cannabis indica can also be found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It provides less of a high and more of a relaxation effect that is highly beneficial for certain medical conditions and symptoms. Most users describe its effect as a “body buzz.”

The most common forms of cannabis indica are known best as Kush and Northern Lights. Throughout the centuries, it has been used for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Is Cannabis Indica Right for Me?

If you feel like cannabis indica can help you with ailments or symptoms that you may be experiencing, it is best to consult either your medical professional or the experts at our dispensary. We can help you compare and contrast medicinal cannabis options and help match you with the strain that is right for you.

Can I Try Several Cannabis Options?

Just like medical doctors may have you try a few different prescriptions until identifying which works best for you, we can do the same here at Life is Good with our cannabis selection.

Our staff can help you strategically test different strains to match your symptoms. We highly recommend that you keep a written record of your experiences with each dose and use critical thinking when deciding which strain to use. For example, you will not use the same strain for sleeping that you would to heighten your attentiveness and focus.

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